SemiSilent Pro 1.01


*Important Note*
Currently some cellphones have an issue running SemiSilent. While most are fine, please download the free version to confirm it works with your phone before purchasing SemiSilent Pro. We would much rather you save your money if this isn't compatible with your hardware.

Cell phones are simultaneously wonderful and terrible devices. They allow us to be available to anyone at any time. Unfortunately, they also make us be available to everyone at any time.

You can silence your phone, but then you risk missing calls you actually want to receive. Normally, you have two choices: be available but potentially interrupted, or be able to focus and be unreachable.

Enter SemiSilent with a much-needed third option. With SemiSilent, you can choose which of your contacts you want to be available for all the time. Then you can set your cell phone to silent mode to save yourself from being disturbed by the rest of the world. If one of the contacts you selected through SemiSilent calls you, your ringer will be turned on so you don't miss their call.

With SemiSilent, you can be both reachable and focused, ready to receive an important call and comfortably shielded from unwanted distractions.

SemiSilent: Who says there has to be a compromise between productivity and availability?

Last Updated:2011-09-19 00:00:14
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OS:Android 2.0 and up

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